Now out of obscurity, this type of product has become a core appliance in many kitchens, as consumers discover the unmatched food preservation benefits of the vacuum sealer technology.

Vacuum sealing is firstly an essential support to actual food preparation (e.g. sous vide cooking, creative marinating or food pickling / fermenting).

In addition, it is also a very useful everyday management tool to achieve tidiness, space management and resealing unused foods for later consumption, whether for the short term (Resealing unfinished bottles of wine) or for a longer period (Freezing). Very useful when buying in bulk quantities (e.g. seeds, legumes, spices), then repacking into manageable quantities for storage or gifting !!

The UNOLD 48040 VACUUM SEALER is designed as "Easy to operate, Easy to clean & easy to store". It features a vertical construction, the optimal user interface for both operation & storage, with an attractive ergonomic control panel. This product also integrates special features for more effective vacuum sealing of soft/crumbly & partially liquid foods. 


Features & Specifications


  • Lightweight(1.7 Kg) & streamlined design for easy handling
  • Performs "VACUUM & SEAL" or "SEAL" functions
  • Seals plastic film/bag by means of a welded durable seam (W: 2.5 mm wide, Max L: 280 mm)
  • Seals plastic containers & wine bottles (Required sealing accessories not included, but available for separate purchase)
  • Powerful Vacuum pump: ca. 12 litres/minute, max. pressure ca. 0.8 bars
  • Special GENTLE setting: Protects the appearance / integrity of soft/crumbly food
  • Special MOIST setting: Improves sealing involving partial liquid content
  • Ergonomic electronic press button control panel with indicator lights
  • Convenient STOP Button
  • Cable storage
  • Supplied with BS 13A plug (Standard plug in HK & Macau SAR)
  • Rating:     220-240V~     110W   50/60Hz

What's Included

Cleaning & Maintenance

  • Vacuum Sealing Unit may be wiped /brushed clean
  • Plastic Bags/Sleeves & Vacuum Tube are water-immersible & dishwasher proof


Dimensions & Weight

  • Dimensions (Product) (cm):     42.0 x 9.2 x 15.5
  • Dimensions (Ctn) (cm):     47.0 x 12.0 x 18.5
  • G.W. (Kg):    1.9         N.W. (Kg): 1.7


Product Compliance

This product complies with the following mandatory product standards in Germany:

  • EU Low Voltage Directive (Product Electrical Safety)
  • EU EMC Directive (Electromagnetic Compatibility)
  • LFGB (Food Safety Standard)
  • ROHS (Hazardous Substances Regulation)
  • REACH (Chemical Substance Regulation)

The user-accessible parts of this product and its accessories are free of Bisphenol A

This product complies with product standards & requirements for consumer sale in Hong Kong


Warranty & Technical Support

  • Buyers of this item in the HKSAR receive a 24-month Product Warranty against defects in design or manufacturing occurring in the course of normal use.
  • Warranty & Technical Support is provided by customer service staff & facilities located in the HKSAR.


Accessories & Supplies (Available for separate purchase)



  • Delivery for this item is FREE OF CHARGE anywhere in the HK SAR.



UNOLD 48040 真空密封機 方便易用,操作簡單。其流綫型設計更令儲存,收納變得更容易。人性化版面加上許些特殊功能,令本機達至更極緻,更巔峰的真空效果。



  • 方便移動,1.7 Kg 輕盈流綫型設計
  • 兩種功能模式:<真空密封> 和 <一般密封>
  • 透過焊接密封塑膠薄膜/袋 (闊度: 2.5 mm , 最大長度: 280 mm)
  • 可密封塑膠容器及酒瓶 (需另外購買配件方可)
  • 强力真空泵: 約每分鐘12 L, 最大壓力約 0.8 bars
  • 特殊輕柔設定: 保護軟體,易碎食物的外觀 
  • 特殊濕潤設定: 用於密封半液態食物
  • 符合人體工學控制面板
  • 一按執行<停止>制
  • 電綫儲備空間
  • 配備BS 13A 插頭(香港/澳門標準插頭)
  • 電壓:     220 - 240V~     110W   50/60Hz



  • 機身可用刷或抹布清潔
  • 塑膠袋/套和真空軟管均附有防水/洗潔精功能


  • 大小 (產品) (cm):     42.0 x 9.2 x 15.5
  • 大小 (包裝) (cm):     47.0 x 12.0 x 18.5
  • 毛重量 (Kg):    1.9         淨重量 (Kg): 1.7




  • EU Low Voltage Directive (產品電壓安全)
  • EU EMC Directive (電磁相容性)
  • LFGB (食物安全標準)
  • ROHS (危害性物質限制指令)
  • REACH (化學品强制要求)





  • 香港賣家若購買次商品即獲24月產品保養。次保養僅適用於非人爲損壞
  • 保養及技術支援僅由香港本地員工提供


額外配件供應 (需另外購買)



  • 在香港範圍内購買此商品可免除運費

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